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The Council believes that the workers' compensation system, properly administered by the states, is a vital part of the economic and social fabric of the United States. The Council aims to preserve it and to protect it as the most effective means of resolving claims for industrial injuries and occupational diseases between employers and employees. The National Council recognizes that employers are the sole source of funds for the payment of all workers' compensation, whether they assume the risk themselves or pay insurance premiums, and speaks for all employers in respect to workers' compensation costs
The National Council advocates that financially responsible employers should have the privilege of becoming self-insured; that compensation programs should be administered fairly and responsibly; that workers injured within the scope of their employment should receive adequate compensation and appropriate medical care; that disputed claims should be adjudicated promptly and impartially; and that the cost of providing compensation by the employer should be given proper economic consideration as legislatures modify state compensation laws.
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Primary Interest

The National Council of Self-Insurers is an organization of corporate, state association and professional members. The Council represents 3500 employers.

The initial and primary interest of the National Council of Self-Insurers is workers' compensation and particularly self-insurance of the workers' compensation liability. It speaks at the national level on issues affecting both subjects. The Council also serves as a national education forum for employers and provides information to self-insured companies and state self-insurer associations.


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